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Change Password


1 Ratings

Chocolate Doom Setup

Setup tool for Chocolate Doom

3 Ratings

CompizConfig Settings Manager

Configure Compiz with CompizConfig

12 Ratings

Computer Janitor

Clean up a system so it's more like a freshly installed one

configuration toolset for GPE


Connection Management

Configure connection management

Content Filter

Setup content filtering

Content Filter

Setup content filtering

Cursor Selection

Select a different cursor

1 Ratings

Customize Look and Feel

Customizes look and feel of your desktop and applications

Date & Time

Change system date and time

1 Ratings

Debian Package Search

Search for packages and view package information

Default Sound Card

Allows you to select the default ALSA sound card

2 Ratings

Dell Recovery



Set desktop background and menu and icon behaviour

1 Ratings

Desktop Drapes

Manage your desktop wallpapers

Desktop Preferences

Change desktop wallpapers and behavior of desktop manager

13 Ratings

Desktop Session Settings

Manage applications loaded in desktop session

Desktop Sharing

Choose how other users can remotely view your desktop

1 Ratings


Manage Drives and Media

8 Ratings

Displaying items 21 to 40 of 165

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