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A really simple but powerful audio player in Python/PyGTK, using Gstreamer.

1 Ratings

Bombono DVD

DVD authoring program

4 Ratings


Create and copy CDs and DVDs

23 Ratings


Sound Analysis

Buzztard Music Editor

Edit buzztard song files

Calf Plugin Pack for JACK

Process and produce sounds using a set of plugins with JACK interface

Camorama Webcam Viewer

View, alter and save images from a webcam

3 Ratings


A free next-generation cross-platform music score editor!

CD Player

Play and extract CDs

1 Ratings


Graphical editor for CSound


Take photos and videos with your webcam, with fun graphical effects

25 Ratings

CLAM Chordata

MP3/OGG/Wav songs chord analyser

2 Ratings

CLAM Network Editor

An audio tool to build processing networks by connecting functional boxes


Plays music and streams

54 Ratings


Live performance sequencer

Cowbell Music Organizer

An elegant music organizer

1 Ratings


A free and romantic music player

Daisy player

Player for DAISY Books

Decibel Audio Player

A simple audio player

1 Ratings


Allows to create video CDs and DVDs, suitable to be reproduced in home DVD players

5 Ratings

Displaying items 41 to 60 of 412

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