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Airfoil Speakers for Linux

Turn your Linux box into an audio receiver for Airfoil

All Video Downloader

All Video Downloader - Youtube Downloader

Breeze Player

Media player with Quake terminal style.

Broly Soundboard

sounds audio voice quotes dragonball


Video Processing Tool for Removing Fisheye Distortion


ffmpeg GUI

Drum Pads

Play drum beats using your computer.

Fluendo DVD Player

Play DVD-Videos

Fluendo Windows Media Pack

Plug-ins for the most common Windows Media formats.

Guns Soundboard

Listen to realistic firing and reloading of guns


Live MIDI sequencer

Just Play MP3

Apenas ouça seus Mp3's,Só.


The next generation Music Player for ubuntu


Beautiful and Fast Music Player for Ubuntu


Listen to your microphones, bluetooth devices, and other sound devices


video converter

Plex Media Server

The solution for your local and online media

Proxima Controller

A virtual MIDI controller.


Radio Online


Record music tracks from apps or line-in.

Displaying items 1 to 20 of 447

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