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Lightweight Twitter Client base on Gtk2 and Webkit

2 Ratings

Hotot Qt

Lightweight Twitter Client base on Qt and Webkit

6 Ratings

Hv3 Web Browser

Browse the World Wide Web

Icedtea Java Plugin

Icedtea Java Browser Plugin

4 Ratings

ImageShack Uploader

Upload your images and videos to ImageShack

Import Wizard

Launch the import wizard to migrate data from mailer as thunderbird/evolution etc.

Input Device Sharing

Share mouse and pointer with other Computers

Internet DJ Console

Create your live radio show or podcast

1 Ratings


Lan communication software

1 Ratings

JD 2ch browser

JD is a 2ch browser based on gtkmm2.

1 Ratings


Java GUI client for FTP, SMB, SFTP and NFS


Java LDAP Browser


Gadu-Gadu/XMPP protocol client


A Kicker applet to display how many email messages you have in your Gmail account.

KDE Bluetooth stack


KDE IM Contacts

Displays your instant messenger contacts

KDE IM Log Viewer

Displays your KDE Instant Messenger logs


Kepas - KDE Easy Publish and Share

Kerberos Authentication

Kerberos Network Authentication Dialog


A graphical FTP client

Displaying items 101 to 120 of 281

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