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7zip compression/uncompression tool

21 Ratings


Information about Plasma Active

About Xfce

Information about the Xfce Desktop Environment


ACE compression/uncompression tool


Analog Clock Dockapp

1 Ratings


Automate tasks

Active Directory membership

Join or leave an Active Directory domain using Likewise-Open

2 Ratings

Activity Journal

Browse a chronological log of your activities and easily find files, contacts, etc.

3 Ratings

Activity Log Manager

Configure what gets logged in your Zeitgeist activity log

3 Ratings

Additional Drivers

Configure third-party and proprietary drivers

14 Ratings


Launch the account wizard to configure PIM accounts.

2 Ratings

Alarm clock

System tray clock with alarm facility

1 Ratings

Alarm Clock

Wake up in the morning

5 Ratings

Alarm Clock

Schedule your tasks


Dock any application to the notification area/system tray.

1 Ratings

Almanah Diary

Keep a personal diary

Alternatives Configurator

Configure the system default alternatives

Amora Daemon

Remote control your desktop from your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone

Apper Settings

Application to get and manage software

APT Key Manager

Graphical administration tool for digital keys used with APT

Displaying items 1 to 20 of 631

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