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Nautilus Compare Extension Preferences


5 Ratings

Nautilus Pastebin Configurator


Nautilus scripts manager

Enable or disable Nautilus scripts

2 Ratings


Configure network devices and connections

1 Ratings

Network Tools

View information about your network

5 Ratings

NTFS Configuration Tool

Enable/disable write support for NTFS with a simple click.

12 Ratings

OpenAL-Soft Configuration Utility


Openbox Configuration Manager

Configure and personalize the Openbox window manager

Pacemaker GUI

Pacemaker CRM GUI

Panel tint2

Customize the panel settings

6 Ratings

Parental Control

Nanny parental control admin console

28 Ratings


Change your login password

1 Ratings

Passwords and Keys

Manage your passwords and encryption keys

5 Ratings

Personal File Sharing

Preferences for sharing of files

14 Ratings

Pointing devices

Set your mouse and touchpad preferences

23 Ratings

Preferred Applications


3 Ratings


Configure printers

22 Ratings


Privacy and Activity Manager

PulseAudio Preferences

View and modify the configuration of the local sound server

Qt3 Configuration

A graphical configuration tool for programs using Qt 3

Displaying items 61 to 80 of 110

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