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3D Acceleration

Change 3D Acceleration options

11 Ratings

Additional Drivers

Configure third-party and proprietary drivers

26 Ratings

Adjust date and time

Informations about Plasma Active

2 Ratings

Advanced Settings

Tweak advanced GNOME 3 settings

23 Ratings

Alternatives Configurator

Configure the system default alternatives

3 Ratings

Anthy Dictionary editor

Edit Anthy dictionary.

Apper Settings

Application to get and manage software

Aptitude Package Manager

Install, remove and upgrade software packages


Create a Installation Disc

10 Ratings



3 Ratings

Audit Configuration

Modify audit configuration

1 Ratings

Awn Settings

Manage Awn preferences, launchers, applets and themes

8 Ratings


Change your backup settings

41 Ratings

Bluetooth Manager

Blueman Bluetooth Manager

35 Ratings


Graphical runlevel configuration tool

7 Ratings

Calibrate Touchscreen

Run the calibration tool for touchscreens

1 Ratings

Change Password


1 Ratings

Chocolate Doom Setup

Setup tool for Chocolate Doom

CompizConfig Settings Manager

Configure Compiz with CompizConfig

42 Ratings

Computer Janitor

Clean up a system so it's more like a freshly installed one

21 Ratings

Displaying items 1 to 20 of 110

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