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Cursor Selection

Select a different cursor

11 Ratings

Date & Time

Change system date and time

Debian Package Search

Search for packages and view package information

Default Sound Card

Allows you to select the default ALSA sound card

5 Ratings

Dell Recovery


3 Ratings


Set desktop background and menu and icon behaviour

2 Ratings

Desktop Drapes

Manage your desktop wallpapers

Desktop Sharing

Choose how other users can remotely view your desktop

7 Ratings

Disk Utility

Manage Drives and Media

23 Ratings

Emerald Theme Manager

Configure Emerald themes

File Backup Manager

Back up important files

File Sharing

Configure the file sharing service


Desktop Firewall Tool

10 Ratings

Firewall Configuration

Allows you to configure ufw firewall

17 Ratings

Foo2ZJS Firmware Installer (Hannah)

Foo2ZJS Firmware Downloader and Installer

1 Ratings


Gatos Configuration Editor

1 Ratings

gcin Setup

Setup utility for gcin input method

3 Ratings


Helper to reconfigure packages

GNOME Color Chooser

Customize your GNOME desktop

11 Ratings


Create, reorganize, and delete partitions

171 Ratings

Displaying items 21 to 40 of 108

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