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Gjots2 Jotter

Store and organise your random notes


Helper to reconfigure packages

GKrellM System Monitor

Monitor for CPU, memory, disks, network, mail

7 Ratings


slow CW (QRSS) / dual-frequency CW (DFCW)


GL Open Benchmark Suite


A smart interactive log explorer.

GLX-Dock (Cairo-Dock with OpenGL)

Cairo-Dock with OpenGL (hardware acceleration)

87 Ratings

gMobileMedia (Mobile Media Browser)


6 Ratings


Mount CD-ROM and DVD image iso

4 Ratings

GNOME2 IP Messenger

IP Messenger for the GNOME2

Gnome Catalog

make disk/CD catalogs

GNOME Comics Organizer

A GNOME interface for managing your comic book collection

GNOME Commander

A two paned file manager

15 Ratings

GNOME Desktop Utilities

Dictionary, Disk Usage Analyzer, Log File Viewer, Search Tool

3 Ratings


Do things as quickly as possible (but no quicker) with your files, bookmarks, applications, music, contacts, and more!

19 Ratings

Gnome Format

Format external storage devices

23 Ratings

gnoMint X.509 CA Manager

Manage X.509 certificates and CAs, easily and graphically


Take notes, link ideas, and stay organized

8 Ratings

gns3 Graphical Network Simulator

program to simulate networks

4 Ratings

GNU Emacs 23

View and edit files

16 Ratings

Displaying items 161 to 180 of 522

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