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Openbox Configuration Manager

Configure and personalize the Openbox window manager

PalmOS Devices

Configure PalmOS devices


Change your login password

Personal File Sharing

Preferences for sharing of files

Pointing devices

Set your mouse and touchpad preferences

Pop-Up Notifications

Set your pop-up notification preferences

Power Management

Configure power management

Preferred Applications



Configure printers

PulseAudio Preferences

View and modify the configuration of the local sound server

Qt3 Configuration

A graphical configuration tool for programs using Qt 3

Qt 4 Settings


Remote Desktop

Choose how other users can remotely view your desktop

Remove orphaned packages

A graphical tool to find and remove orphaned libraries



RutilT WLAN Manager

Manage your wireless network interfaces


Create, modify, and delete samba shares

SCIM Input Method Setup

Setup utility for Smart Common Input Method platform

Simple Backup Config

Configuration tool for Simple Backups Suite

Simple CompizConfig Settings Manager

Configure Compiz with CompizConfig

Displaying items 61 to 80 of 102

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