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Infrared Remote Control

Configure your remote control

Input Method

Customize uim input method environment

Keyboard Indicator plugins

Enable/disable installed plugins


Configure extra function keys

KeyTouch Editor

Edit keyboard maps for keytouch

Language Support

Configure multiple and native language support on your system

Lockdown Editor

Configure the lockdown policy

Main Menu

Change which applications are shown on the main menu

Menu Updating Tool


Monitor Settings

Set your monitor preferences (contrast, brightness,...) and manage your profiles

Multiple Screens

Configure multiple screens

Mythbuntu Control Centre

Configure a Mythbuntu Appliance

MythTV Backend Setup

Used to configure a backend

Nautilus Pastebin Configurator


Nautilus scripts manager

Enable or disable Nautilus scripts


Configure network devices and connections

Network Authentication

Set your Kerberos network authentication preferences

Network Tools

View information about your network

NTFS Configuration Tool

Enable/disable write support for NTFS with a simple click.

OpenAL-Soft Configuration Utility


Displaying items 41 to 60 of 102

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