Themes & Tweaks

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3D Acceleration

Change 3D Acceleration options

Active Directory membership

Join or leave an Active Directory domain using Likewise-Open

Advanced Desktop Effects Settings (ccsm)

Configure Compiz with CompizConfig

Anthy Dictionary editor

Edit Anthy dictionary.


Create a Installation Disc



Art Manager

Install themes from website

Audit Configuration

Modify audit configuration


Configure authorizations

Awn Settings

Manage Awn preferences, launchers, applets and themes


Configure Bluetooth settings

Bluetooth Manager

Blueman Bluetooth Manager


Graphical runlevel configuration tool

Change Password


Computer Janitor

Clean up a system so it's more like a freshly installed one

Connection Management

Configure connection management

Content Filter

Setup content filtering

Content Filter

Setup content filtering

Cursor Selection

Select a different cursor

Debian Package Search

Search for packages and view package information

Displaying items 1 to 20 of 102

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