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Peak fitting and data analysis


Crystal structure determination


Mandelbrot family fractal generator


a free environment for rapid engineering and scientific prototyping and data processing.


A free frontend to online translator engines

G3Data Graph Analyzer

Retrieve data from scanned images of graphs

Gabedit QC-GUI

graphical user interface to computational chemistry packages

Gambit Game Analysis

Construction and analysis of finite extensive and normal form games


Construct, view and analyse atomic structures

Garlic Protein Visualization

Visualize and investigate proteins and some geometric objects


Graphical display of computational chemistry output

GChemPaint Chemical Structures Editor

Edit chemical 2D structures

GDIS Molecule Modeller

Model and manipulate molecules, and create high-quality renderings of them

GDPC Molecular Dynamic Simulator

Visualize molecular dynamic simulations

Genius Math Tool

Genius Mathematical Tool and Calculator


Geographic coordinates translator

Gerbv Gerber File Viewer

Gerber file viewer for PCB design


Draw models of molecules

Gmsh Mesh Generator

3-D finite element mesh generator

Gnome Crystal Crystalline Structures Viewer

Edit and display crystalline structures

Displaying items 41 to 60 of 182

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