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Game Conqueror

A game hacking tool. A GUI front-end for scanmem.

1 Ratings

Garden of Coloured Lights

Abstract vertical shooter with music elements


Interactive Fiction multi-interpreter that supports all major IF formats

1 Ratings


Play games that challenge your logic, verbal, calculation and memory abilities

4 Ratings

Gem Drop X

Grab the gems and throw them back up before they crush you


Multi-touch tower defense game

GFCE Ultra NES Emulator

Play Nintendo ROM files

1 Ratings


GFingerPoken logic game


Fit falling blocks together on a hexagonal grid


Play a flight simulator

3 Ratings

Globulation 2

An innovative new strategy game


Play with 39 tangram and more 18,000 figures


Play a Tron-like light cycle game

1 Ratings

GMAMEUI Arcade Machine Emulator Frontend

Play and browse classic arcade games

Gnome Batalla Naval client

Gnome Batalla Naval client

GNOME Breakout

Play a clone of the classic arcade game Breakout for GNOME


Gnome's KiSSeake dolls viewer


The GNOME MUD Client

GNOME Video Arcade

Play classic arcade games

GNU Backgammon

GTK or console backgammon program with analysis

4 Ratings

Displaying items 161 to 180 of 518

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