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7zip compression/uncompression tool

21 Ratings


Information about Plasma Active

About Xfce

Information about the Xfce Desktop Environment


ACE compression/uncompression tool


Analog Clock Dockapp

1 Ratings


Automate tasks

Active Directory membership

Join or leave an Active Directory domain using Likewise-Open

2 Ratings

Activity Journal

Browse a chronological log of your activities and easily find files, contacts, etc.

3 Ratings

Activity Log Manager

Configure what gets logged in your Zeitgeist activity log

3 Ratings

Additional Drivers

Configure third-party and proprietary drivers

14 Ratings

A GUI for verifying and repairing PAR and PAR2 recovery sets


3 Ratings


Launch the account wizard to configure PIM accounts.

2 Ratings

Alarm clock

System tray clock with alarm facility

1 Ratings

Alarm Clock

Wake up in the morning

5 Ratings

Alarm Clock

Schedule your tasks


Dock any application to the notification area/system tray.

1 Ratings

Almanah Diary

Keep a personal diary

Alternatives Configurator

Configure the system default alternatives

Amora Daemon

Remote control your desktop from your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone

Analyze absolute supply monopolies and polypolies


Displaying items 1 to 20 of 719

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