ZHackers: Volume Two - USC Edition

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ZHackers: Volume Two - USC Edition

An epic tale of geeks and zombies

US$ 2.99

ZHackers: Volume Two is the second part in an epic tale of the stuggle to survive as the world collapses and the ingenuity such circumstances demand. Three geeks find themselves facing the zombie apocalypse with no guns, no chainsaws or crowbars. They have to use their brains to find their way to safety and survive. It's their wits against the horde. Can these hackers pull off their hardest hack yet, surviving the threat of zombies, thirst, hunger, and internet withdrawal? One Day after the mad dash to safety, Daniel, Richard, and Samantha awake to a very different world. Everyone has lost friends and family. The future, if there is one, looks bleak. All they have left is each other, and even that now seems uncertain. The darkest times reveal the good and evil within the human heart. What will they find at world's end? ZHackers: Volume Two is licensed under Creative Commons-Attribution-ShareAlike and may be freely shared and remixed accordingly. This ebook has been made available in the Ubuntu Software Center to provide a convenient way for fans to support the author, and to make it easy to share updates and extras in return. The USC Edition includes an easily editable version made especially to work out-of-the-box on Ubuntu, epub and pdf versions, and may be updated with additional extras over time. Proceeds from this edition support development of free and open source multimedia creation tools on Ubuntu as well as further free culture writing and general nerdiness.

License: Creative Commons - Attribution Share Alike
Version: 0.1