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Hardware requirements:
  • None


Enjoy Your Time!

US$ 5.99

Zeegaree is one of the most beautiful applications for Ubuntu. It is also very useful. Counting time up or counting time down or even managing your work using a time management technique like Pomodoro? Not a problem with Zeegaree!

Most important features:

Support for app indicator (system tray) Support for Unity launcher icon


  • lap times
  • split times
  • saving lap and split times to a text file


  • ability to create and save favourite timers

Work & Play:

  • option to use it as an interval timer or to track your work time
  • option to set your work and break duration
  • history view where you can check how long you work
  • calendar where you can add a note to any day
  • task list

License: Proprietary
Version: 1.5