Unlikely Suspects

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Unlikely Suspects

More than 4,000 cases to crack in this whodunit mystery game

US$ 4.99

You’ve been called in to solve another crime, and you know that it had to be one of the Unlikely Suspects! Collect clues to figure out which one of the suspects committed the crime this time in this hidden-object whodunit with more than 4,000 cases to crack!

Scour scenes for evidence; eliminate the obvious; and take a closer look at the suspects to figure out who’s guilty. Examine each suspect’s dossier and compare it to the evidence, then visit the coroner to find out what weapon was used to build your case. Search each suspect’s lair to figure out which criminal matches the evidence and determine who’s guilty.

Detective Training Mode helps you hone your observation skills. Start out with a little target practice and then test your surveillance expertise by matching up the suspect cards. Become a seasoned veteran when you unlock the Unlimited Hidden Object Mode!

Please note: This game does not support Intel based graphics.

License: Proprietary