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Beautiful distractionfree editor.

Sitarane, 2014-08-18
No distraction, an awesome setting for a productive workflow

This app screams "write!" to me. I would have never thought the design philosophy of a text editor would have so much compelling power on my productivity. I almost (thus the missing star) never found myself looking for something. I almost always was right there in front of me when I needed it. One thing that keeps getting in the way is that there is no "search and replace" and ctrl-F toggles the fulscreen instead. I hit it by mistake almost every day. It breaks the otherwise very fluid flow.

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Torik, 2014-07-15

Un peu trop de crashes à mon gout. De plus, je ne peux pas avoir plusieurs documents ouverts à la fois, ce qui est un petit peu dommage, à mes yeux. Cependant, cela reste très agréable d'avoir enfin un éditeur de texte correct lorsque l'on travaille hors connexion.

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