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ffmpeg GUI

SunFreak, 2015-11-09
Very good!

IMPORTANT! First pay and then can't install (Version 1.8.0) on Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS!!! TIP: 1. Pay US$ 3.00 or other countries! 2. Then install! 3. And then "Error" because here can't install! 4. DEB file downloaden, here (Nov 9, 2015): 5. Install! Besser with "GDebi Package Installer". 6. Computer restart! 7. Check this "Software Center" -> OK (already purchased). Have fun! 3 stars! 2 no stars because this can't install with Error from Canonical!

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Michael Liebhauser, 2014-06-20
Ein stabiler und nützlicher Konverter

Tolles programm. Es hat sehr gute Funktionen, welche es in der Art noch in keinem anderen Konverterprogramm aus dem Softwarcenter gibt. Mich hat besonders die H265 und VP9 Unterstützung gefallen. Das Programm wäre für mich perfekt, wenn man in noch mehr Containerformate konvertieren kann als mkv und wenn man DVDs (wie z.B. mit HandBreak) sowie Audiodateien konvertieren kann.

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George, 2014-06-29
Just a simple media encoder.

Simple, though powerful, media converter. I was searching for something with which i could make hardsub - also interactive help in encoder helps a lot.

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Roman Pyasetsky, 2014-06-26
Порадовали интуитивно понятный интерфейс и приятный дизайн

Интуитивно понятный интерфейс и приятный дизайн порадовали, так же есть возможность работы с *.mkv. На счет скорости работы еще не проверял. Так что предварительная оценка 5+!

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Алексей, 2014-06-29

Снимается звезда только за отсутствие русского языка. В остальном хорошая надстройка над FFmpeg. Есть уже заготовки настроек

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irancplusplus, 2014-09-28
not interesting.

Not so interesting. I could not find any crop tool. For my video setting was disabled. The added video is autodeleted when I click some buttons. Videos are auto-deleted when I click some buttons. The sofware has a rather large size(compared to similar softwares). And main window becomes dark too often. Still winff seems better.

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Alex Chen, 2014-07-26
好用 转码

我用过的最好的视频/音频 转换器! 装上ffmpeg以后用简直神器诶~ 赞

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