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Tree of Life

US$ 9.99

Splice is a puzzle game unlike any you've ever seen before, unless you make a habit of shuffling around binary trees of mysterious microbes. Immerse yourself in its miniverse, splicing and mutating through all the sequences of cells until you achieve a final transcendant state of puzzler nirvana. Or you can just enjoy its dazzlingly polished visuals and hauntingly beautiful music and ease into its soothing froth of mental accomplishment.

Splice won Best Puzzle Game in the 2011 Intel Level Up competition, and won Best International Game in Australia's 2012 Freeplay Awards. In 2012, Splice was also in the 2012 PAX 10 selection and was a finalist at the 2012 IndieCade Awards. Splice has been featured on the Mac App Store as an Editor's Choice, by popular vote as Android Game of the Week at Pocket Gamer, and as Game of the Day by Kotaku. Splice was also part of The Humble Bundle for Android #4, the most successful selling Android bundle to date.

License: Proprietary
Version: 20121105