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Christopher Enoch, 2013-10-25
Absolutely Must Have

This has been my favorite Package Manager for 10+ years. I can't do without it. It is much better than other "Software Mangers" as it contains NO commercial software. 100% no cost. Easy to search. Search results are thorough and accurate. Ubuntu Software Center is way too commercialized, and, in my opinion, takes away from the true "free" linux feel. Synaptic is by far the best Package Manager. It should come installed in every distro by default. It's a shame Ubuntu doesn't include it by default. However, I do use Ubuntu Software Center from time to time just to read the reviews. I normally use Ubuntu Software Center to read the reviews of a package... then I go to Synaptic to download and install. Reviews are the only thing that is missing in Synaptic. However, considering the sheer quality of Synaptic, reviews are not a big sticking point. It's brilliance and usability far outweighs any negetive aspect.

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Andrew, 2014-01-17
Первым делом Synaptic!

Всегда первым делом устанавливаю Synaptic! И зачем его удалили из стандартной поставки? До сих пор не пойму.

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Emanuele, 2013-10-28

La prima cosa che installo su ubuntu! gestisce il software installato in maniera completa e ti da la possibilità di bloccare le versione, retrocedere di versione,rimuovere file di configurazione e tanto altro!

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Ruslan, 2014-02-05

Супер , для любителей удалять и устанавливать всё с помощью мыши лутше ненайти , кто с Винды , для тех супер- програма

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Jordan Gaspar, 2013-12-25
Eu apoio e recomendo o uso do Synaptic

Não há melhor. Esta central de programas mesmo sempre dá erro, são problemas que não acabam mais, já o Synaptic é direto ao ponto, sem propaganda, sem tentar me vender nada.

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Iskander66, 2013-10-27

Il software Center è meraviglioso e funzionale ma è Synaptic che ti rende veramente conscio della potenza di GNU-Linux Debian. Chi non l'installa si merita... Fedora :lol:

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sinolong, 2013-10-24


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Cedric Srq, 2013-12-15
Une valeur sûre

Excellent pour retrouver les paquets par leurs nom, bien plus complet et exhaustif que la logithèque mais réservé à des utilisateurs avertis !

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Matías Saibene, 2013-12-18

Fundamental e indispensabe para Ubuntu. La manera más fácil de gestionar (eliminar, reparar, y actualizar) paquetes.

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Paweł, 2014-01-16
Bez tego program ciężko funkcjonuje się na Ubuntu

Jest to aplikacja, którą każdy użytkownik powinien mieć. Czasami trudno bez niej zainstalować/odinstalować niektóre programy.

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