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extendable MySQL managing assistant


Ryan Bovorasmy, 2014-02-09
Pointless due to bad editor and lack of any useful features

* No undo * No syntax highlighting * No select all on results, therefore: ** You can copy and paste only single rows in the results, but not multiple rows. What?!? Why even add the ability to copy a single row then? * No basic code editing features: for example, selecting mutliple rows and pressing 'tab' deletes your code and replaces it with a tab. WITH NO UNDO!!! Basically, the command line version of msql and a basic text editor is superior to this environment in every way. The text editor that comes embedded in emma is worse than windows notepad, since notepad can handle undo. The other features are poorly thought out as well: you really are better off using a seperate editor (such as gedit, vim, emacs, etc.), and then copy and pasting your queries into this application. But if you are going to do that: why use this application at all? It also makes getting your results back out difficult, so I fail to see the benefit you'd get by pasting into this applicaiton and then executing your query. You may as well use a seperate editor, and then instead of pasting into this application, paste into a console. Or use some other application, depending on your preference. At the end of the day though: this application appears to be a toy that wasn't really ever meant to be used for any real database management at all.

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