Reviews for for Very fast and versatile 3D modeller/renderer

Very fast and versatile 3D modeller/renderer


Thomas, 2014-01-30
Steep learning curve, but worth it. 5/5

Best overall 3D application I've ever used. Takes some time to get used to the interface, but once you do you'll find that the workflow is faster and more efficient than anything else out there. If you're coming from Max/Maya be prepared for a steep learning curve. Don't get frustrated by how different it is compared to its commercial alternatives, trust me there is a very good reason for it that you will see once you get good at it. Blender is also supported by an active community dedicated to constantly improving it. I have yet to find anything I can't do in this application that I could with some of the commercial alternatives. If you think there's something it doesn't have do a google search. There's probably a plugin that will do exactly what you want, and if not the entire source code and python API is available to you, and is very straitforward and intuitive. It took me 15 minutes to learn how to write a custom exporter for files to be used in my own game engine. The one downside is an instability that crops up from time to time which is due to the constant development that is going on. So if you really need maximum stability don't download the absolute latest "BETA" Release, and save early and often. There is an autosave feature and file versioning system included as well though which releives some of the data loss problems.

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Dero Kratzberg, 2013-10-30
Great, but Windows version is better

Not as usable as Maya or 3dsMax, but that's to be expected. Still i absolutely love the program, but the Windows version runs faster than the linux one.

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Francisco Mahalalel, 2014-01-25
Free and Open Source creation suite.

Best Open Source 3D application for Linux. Very nice array of external Open Source (and commercial) renderes and add-ons that enhace the already powerful suite. Lots of support channels, tutorials and forums around the web. Be sure to check if your system specs are up to the minimum/optimal requiered for a smooth seamless experience.

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Alessandro Krasota, 2014-05-28

Muito bom, adoro o Blender!

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Michał, 2014-03-23

Idealne! Polecam i szeżcie Linux

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