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Alarm Clock applet


Alex, 2013-12-15

Просто и по делу.

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Blade Decivre, 2014-02-07
Still needs work, but decent.

I like how the alarms can be customized, but am bothered by how there is no way to set how long the alarm will go off for. If you are not awake in 15 minutes, it goes silent and leaves you asleep. As a heavy sleeper, I dislike this a lot. It also needs louder alarm sounds built in. The loudest one it seems to have is a water drip, unless I search for other sounds elsewhere. If they fix these features, I might bump up the rating. But right now this alarm is mostly worthless to me.

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Jorge Luis Caso Rivera, 2013-11-05
Es perfecto y funciona correctamente.

En versiones anteriores he tratado de usar aplicaciones del tipo alarma, pero algunas veces no funcionaban. Esta aplicación es lo que necesitaba. (Ubuntu 13.10)

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zollac, 2014-02-27


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