Reviews for for efficient, featureful word processor with collaboration

efficient, featureful word processor with collaboration


Dave Merritt, 2014-02-17
Beautiful, simple and versatile

Abi may not have all the "features" --ie the extreme complexity-- of the latest versions of libre or msword, but if all you want to do is write rich text, you won't have to spend days straining your eyes figuring out what does what. In addition to the simplicity of the interface, Abiword seems able to open and edit just about any file format. I personally owe Abiword a debt of gratitude: It has allowed me open and update old papers written on Star Office which were lying un-openable for years. Furthermore, writing and formatting text is so easy on Abi that I often compose on Abi and then add on all the shiny noisy crap on Libre. That way if I get lost and screw up I'll always have a perfect copy of the only truly crucial thing--the text itself.

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Shahed Vahabi, 2013-12-12

Do not waste your time by installing or trying this software. I attracted to it for RDF features, but nothing operational.

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