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Real-time strategy game of ancient warfare


Dimitry, 2013-09-20

The game is super! I think everyone who played and loved Age Of Empiries will love this game Frankly, it's the best strategy game natively available for linux I've seen Highly recommend to install Theese guys have fundriser right now, I've donated 10$, I recommend you to do the same. This game have huge potential!

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Francisco, 2013-11-06

Jogo realmente muito bom! Praticamente um Age versão Free. Continuem assim e vai ficar show!

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Javier Agustín Farías, 2014-01-10
Great Game

Great game! It's still a bit pale, but it's unique in Linux. The game has good quality 3D graphics and a lot of features. 0 AD is Age-of-Empires-like, but more realistic. I really advise you to try this awesome game!

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Luciano Porta, 2013-12-16

El mejor juego de esta tienda. Una muestra de que el opensource tambien puede ser llevado a los juegos

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Eris Frison, 2014-03-24
Best free open-source RTS out there IMO.

I like to think of it as AoK gameplay with AoE III graphics and the AoE I civilizations. They focus a lot on historical accuracy, while maintaining balance and playability. I donated $30 so far and joined their online community at (I'm Idanwin there) There is a few mods going on like China, Modern Warfare and a medieval mod. None of them are finished though.

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molmy, 2013-11-24
Pas encore un must have ...

Très bon jeu avec des graphismes à la hauteur, mais des freezes et des ralentissements incessants devenant très vite lassants. Pourtant 0AD tourne sur un VAIO i7 à 2,8 Ghz, 8 Go de ram et SSD. Un peu dommage...

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Erick Braganza, 2013-11-23

Para estar en versión alfa, el juego es 100% jugable; vale la pena probarlo. El bot es bastante difícil. Lo que más me llamó la atención es que se puede jugar hasta con población ilimitada (si es que tu PC te lo permite).

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Prof. Floyd, 2014-12-11
Very Excellent Art..

0 A.D....A very dramatic game....sometimes you feel as if the small characters were real and that you are in a time machine visiting ancient Rome controlled Europe. I have to stop and save the game and remind myself that this was taken from an empire that survived two millenniums..despite constant attacks from other nations near and far.

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MrCelticFox, 2014-01-26
Amazing game

Amazing work on the development of this game, well done!

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mohammad, 2014-03-09

one of the best RTS games out there!!! good job!

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