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Hardware requirements:
  • None


Robotux is an input recorder and player to speed up repetitive task

US$ 2.99

Robotux is a macro recorder for Ubuntu/Linux. With Robotux, you can easily record your mouse and keyboard actions and play them back with different speeds. Features include:

  • Exact recordings of every move you make,
  • Store an unlimited number of macros. You can give your macros names, delete selectively, etc.,
  • Automatically replay macros several times until you manually stop it,
  • Specify the replay speed (e.g. 1.5 times faster, only 10% of the original speed, 20 times faster, ...)

As the screenshots don't show too much action, check out the demo video on our website!


  • Several bugfixes
  • A macro-editor (Beta) to modify existing macros (this might be unstable. Use at your own risk)

NOTE: This program is not very suited to automate web applications because loading times vary. If you want to automate a web application, check out AutoWWW on our website.

License: BSD License (Simplified)
Version: 0.3