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Cross Platform Password Manager


John Hoyne, 2013-05-28
Very good cross platform password manager

I use this across Linux/Windows/Android phone for a long time. Very good

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Bathynomus, 2013-07-18
Awesome program, works in Windows 8 and Xubuntu 13.04

Awesome program. I use it on both Xubuntu 13.04 64bit and Windows 8 64bit. I also sync up my database file with Google Drive. Helps to not have to remember 30+ passwords. It does wipe the password from clipboard.

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tooltakes, 2013-05-23


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Jonathan, 2013-06-09

Been using this for a while now and it's saved my life on many an occasion. Love the fact that that it can do 2-factor as well. It would be nice to have a bit more flexibilty in nominating the fields though, becuase some accounts I have (eg internet banking) have several factors all called special things like "User Token", "PIN" and "Secret question" - it's easy to get the vocabulary mixed up, so I just use the notes section for that.

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Ráksi Mihály, 2013-09-19
Egyszerűen szuper

Fapados puritán felület, ám ebben rejlik a könnyen kezelhetősége is. Jelszó+Kulcsfájl nagyon hatásos titkosítási módszer. Drag&Drop Firefox-al kiválóan működik. Dropbox-ra téve az adatbázisfájlt még Android telefonnal is összeköthető, így útközben is megvan minden adat ha épp kell valami jelszó. Random generátora is nagyon hasznos jelszóképzésnél, jól paraméterezhető!

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Alec, 2013-07-27
Very Useful Tool

An excellent tool to mange multiple passwords with just one master password, very featured and very convenient

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Dumitru Gheorghiu, 2013-05-14
Very good application

Very lightweight and easy to use. I use it for more than 2 years and am happy with it.

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Jamieson Christian, 2013-09-07
Excellent feature set!

KeePassX is so well aligned to my old workflow for managing password, it is spooky. Category groups, URLs, quick copy of usernames and/or passwords into the clipboard. It feels like this program was written just for me. Well done!

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nattapong sangpoonsap, 2013-06-22
light, simply, but great!

It helpful to kept my password. Now i don't worry to save it in secert place. I can save it in one place, without worry!

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Fred Saunier, 2013-07-09

Absolument génial. En mettant la base de donnée dans Ubuntu One, je peux même retrouver mes accès depuis toutes mes machines.

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