RapidDisk LT

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Hardware requirements:
  • None
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RapidDisk LT

An easy-to-use fast performing RAM drive.

US$ 5.00

RapidDisk LT is a high performance RAM drive manager designed to meet the needs of the user. This application supports the creation of one RAM drive of at least 50% of your total RAM which include sizes of 128 MB, 1GB to even 16 GB or more. It is written to only work for the Unity desktop environment.

Speed up internet page loads, general disk activities, database searches, applications, games, to even loading and editing large files (images, videos, etc.). Reach sequential / random access speeds as high as 3 GB/s and more.

Listen to no noise when compared to mechanical disks.

Securely store data in a temporary environment whose digital footprint gets cleaned on shutdowns and reboots.

Consume less energy, saving on power and battery costs.

Dynamically manage your RAM drive by adding, removing, resizing, and monitoring the states of the temporary drive (TMPFS).

Synchronize and archive data from your RAM drive to restore it at a later date.

Purchasing this application entitles you access to not only the application suite but also access to the code plus 3 months of e-mail support. Please visit www.lt.rapiddisk.org for further support details. Note that this application is intended to be used only within the Unity desktop environment.

License: GNU GPL v3
Version: 1.2