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Backup eCryptfs configuration and mount passphrases


zescrow-client provides the zescrow (formerly ecryptfs-escrow-private) utility, which can be used to upload a backup of an eCryptfs Encrypted Home or eCryptfs Encrypted Private configuration to a zEscrow compatible server.

zEscrow.gazzang.com is one such compatible server, an implementation of the AGPL free software available at https://launchpad.net/zEscrow.

zEscrow will:

  • prompt for your chosen zEscrow server
  • retrieve the public GPG key of that zEscrow server
  • prompt for your login passphrase
  • use your login passphrase to decrypt your mount passphrase
  • create a tar archive of your ~/.ecryptfs directory and decrypted mount passphrase
  • gpg encrypt that archive the your zEscrow server's public key
  • upload your encrypted archive to your zEscrow server
  • display a URL and offer to launch a browser, where you must go to associate a Google account and email address with your backup

License: Open Source
Version: 1.7