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Ubuntu Software Center

Lets you choose from thousands of applications available for Ubuntu

Tsui, 2013-02-20
Great for the Desktop Users! This should attract more of 'em!

The Ubuntu Software Center definitely modernises the Ubuntu Operationg System and all of its distro flavours and makes the distros more user-friendly when it comes to letting users find applications that can be installed on their Linux machine without having to dig around and understand all the technical jargon that is numerous Linux commands they may not be willing to learn or may not be able to simply learn. It's a great idea and I support it. However, there are a few downsides to the Ubuntu Software Center that I must point out. For instance, this really isn't friendly for older and under-powered computers. While this still loads up (but slowly) on the said criteria of computers, it's probably better for someone with at least 768MB of RAM (or 1GB recommended) and a good amount of CPU power - 1.5 GHz isn't enough to run this quickly and optimally. That being said, it might put some far-technical Ubuntu/Linux users out of place. However, its existance purpose is for simplification of getting Linux/Ubuntu applications. Therefore, I support this for desktop users of Ubuntu.

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Vladimir Leontev, 2013-04-09
Лучше ЦПУ ничего нет

Удобный и стильный магазинчик для простых пользователей!

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Kasper Thystrup Karstensen, 2013-05-12
Simple and effective for simple program mangagement

Not my prefered software manager, as soon as you have to install "Technical items" the manager is quite hard to ..well.. to manage! But works for simple programs! A major problem is generally more a problem in the software sources, please include repositries for people who want: - Adobe reader - Sun java - Openoffice There is ONE large bug with the review system: I am not able to modify my reviews, so if I wanted to rate this higher, it wouldn't be possible! That is a shame since I am intending to give this a 4-star rating, so Ubuntu developers... plz fix ;)

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Timofey Kupriyanovich, 2013-02-21

After soft-center update user recomendations doesn't work

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Filippos Christos Fotiadis, 2013-03-04
Ωραίο και εύκολο στη χρήση!

Όσο πάει γίνεται καλύτερο. Είναι εύκολο στη χρήση, γρήγορο και μου αρέσει η δυνατότητα αξιολόγησης.

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Josh Smith, 2013-03-24
Has its own niche: great, but not great for everything.

A great application for finding what you need and descriptions of what you need. The ability to read reviews is great. However, it is a bit slow and I often prefer to use apt-get (installs quickly) or synaptic (allows for easy management of bulk installs/uninstalls) if I want to get things done quickly.

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Alex, 2013-05-12
love it!

makes it easy to find downoads on linux

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ochach, 2013-03-19
It's ok combined with aptitude

It is pretty good. Writing reviews rules

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Eldar, 2013-01-21
Чем дальше, тем хуже!!!

Раньше так не глючила и не тормозила. Тормозит, изображения иногда не грузятся

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s3boun3t, 2012-12-22
besoin de temps encore

encore beaucoup de travail a faire, mais dans le futur, je pense qu'il sera trés bon

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