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Christopher Brown, 2013-03-27

Dear user, don't waste your time. Read all of the 1 star reviews here. They're true. This application simply does not work. I'm not certain how--and it seems suspicious--that this application has an overall 4 star rating with that many 1 stars. Even though I have made regular daly backups, I get "Restore Failed No backups to restore" when I tried to restore.

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Andrew Ozimek, 2013-02-12

Does a good job of regularly backing up my files, but when my computer crashed and I went to restore my backup, there was nothing but errors. I lost all of my files, do not trust this backup tool.

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andree.surya, 2013-03-03
Works great for me

Just successfully migrated from Ubuntu to Xubuntu. This backup tool restores the whole home folder into its original state, without hassle.

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psnizek, 2013-02-21
Great tool

Works like a charm. Backing up Ubuntu workstations to an Ubuntu based SMB server. Restore works fine with no errors. Wished there was more flexibility for scheduling. Ubuntu 12.10, 12.04, 11.10

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derschdoerer, 2013-04-16
unreliable - I wouldn't use it

The setup is very easy and the first backup worked well. It generates a bunch of files you will probably never be able to open with another piece of software. The second update failes permanently. For me, this is too suspicious... what if a restore will not work as mentioned in other reviews? I will not use an unreliable backup tool, sorry.

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ubuntu, 2013-03-02
defaults won't change

I changed the backup location. But the program will not reflect the change. Still shows the default.

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niowfi, 2013-04-24
Restauration trop lente

Était parfait pour la sauvegarde..., mais moins pratique pour la restauration :(. C'est beaucoup trop lent pour restaurer un simple fichier.

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Elron, 2012-10-28
не резервирует

с коробки не работает резерв в убунту оне, переустановка не помогла, плохо,

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Stephen Rynas, 2012-10-31
Extremely Disapointing

Does not appear to allow the restoration of one file Program hung. Received conflicting messages when program ended. Said both "success" and "failure". But which message was valid. Ubuntu needs a good full service backup program. Experimenting with Simple Backup.

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Bob Davidson, 2012-11-10
I love it!

Deja Dup works for me! I've used it to back up and restore my files from Ubuntu One, my old computer's hard drive and from USB stick drives. I've used Deja Dup on non-Ubuntu distros, such as Fuduntu and Linux Mint, for the same purpose. It restores my files flawlessly. The only criticism I might have is Deja Dup does not always connect with Ubuntu One. I think that's an Ubuntu One issue - not a Deja Dup one. I only wish Deja Dup was available for my Mac.

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