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Bluetooth Manager

Blueman Bluetooth Manager

MarkGgr, 2013-04-12
Better than Gnome's built-in on Ubuntu!

On 64-bit systems the built-in Gnome bluetooth client does not recognise bluetooth speakers correctly on Ubuntu (speaker does not appear in 'Sound Settings'). Problem solved with Bluetooth Manager! -> A+

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Murat Asya, 2013-01-16
I agree the app should be default

This app have solved my bluetooth connection problem. Good Job !

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caprico, 2013-02-19
Necessary if you stan't connect BT-devices with Ubuntu inbuilt tools

Great application! Not only does it help to manage various bluetooth devices, it actually did one necessary thing for me:  Connect my Bluetooth device with Ubuntu! The stock bluetooth-tool crashes, a known bug which still hasn't been taken care of. Thank you BTManager!

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stretch, 2013-06-06

Working as charm

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Jose Ocampos, 2013-01-27
Muy bien

Muy buena aplicacion les aconsejo yo uso 12.10 me va de maravilla

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Saurabh, 2012-12-29
Great tool !

AWESOME ! Let's me disconnect specific services from my multiconnection enabled LG HBS700 bluetooth headset. So now I can connect my bluetooth headset to my laptop in my A2DP stereo audio mode and to my phone in handsfree mode (which is mono headset + microphone mode). I don't have to switch headset while watching movie to answer a call on my phone ! Very happy

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stalker_003, 2013-04-12
Полная хрень

Такая хрень! Не получается даже выполнить сопряжение устройства, просто скинуть на телефон музыку тоже никак. Со стандартным все намного проще... Сношу нафиг.

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wando, 2013-03-15

La aplicación que trae por defectoe l Ubuntu 12.10 no funcionaba correctamente (y la verdad me frustró) pero instalé esta aplicación y funcionó a la primera... sigan así

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Shrijesh Siwakoti, 2012-12-10
Has great features but too buggy.

This one is better than the original one in features but it has too many bugs. Sometimes, even the bluetooth cannot be switched on.

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