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Startup Disk Creator

Create a startup disk using a CD or disc image

Misák Ferenc, 2017-02-18
néha nem hajlandó ISO fájlokat felismerni

újabban nem hajlandó az ISO fájlokat felismerni, így bele sem tud kezdeni az indító lemez készítésbe, Ilyenkor ki/bekapcsolás, felállás a sokat szidott windows-val, majd ugyanazt az ISO fájlt ott kiíratom. (Sajnos úgy tűnik, hogy a linuxos fejlesztőket a langyos sör és a nagyképűség tartja együtt, míg a windowsosakat a pénz.) töröltem .....

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benjamin, 2015-04-18
Needs GUI adjustments.

The way the disk selection table doesn't seem to stretch is quite dangerous, as the wrong disk could be selected, leading to erasing the data on an unwanted disk. Other than that it's quick and easy, thanks.

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rakesh agarwal, 2014-03-09
Works perrfect

works smooth for creating Ubuntu startup disks. for creating startup disk of other iso programs use brasero to burn iso image.The trick works wonderfully.If you want it on USB Stick, you can use etbootin application installed from software center.Only remember that for creating Usb should be formatted to FAT32 or FAT16. OTHER formats are not any application used.

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Rafael_05, 2014-05-23
Funciona perfectamente

Funciona perfectamente incluso en el PROPIO ordenador. Eso de que rara vez funciona para formatear el PROPIO ordenador es mentira. El que lo ha escrito no sabrá utilizarlo en su propio ordenador o su ordenador será muy especial. Formateo mucho mi ordenador y sé de lo que hablo.

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Mauricio9578, 2014-01-16
Solo para ubuntu y su familia

Solo funciona para ubuntu xubuntu kubuntu y lubunu, la necesitaba para crear un disco de arranque con fedora y suse, y no sirve.

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Ben Bader, 2014-02-08

Installs Ubuntu style distos, nothing else. Does work well for this task however. Easy to use and fast creation time.

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Sleepy John, 2014-04-19
Creates flashdrives that boot OK but they can't subsequently be reformatted

While this tool created bootable flashdrives and they did boot Ubuntu distros for me satisfactorily, these drives became trashed when I eventually tried to reformat them, so unless you intend to keep the same original distro on your flashdrive forever, I suggest it would make more sense to burn your flashdrives with a different programme.

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Erik, 2013-10-09
Mabey you guys havent used this the right way.

May have not worked for you, but i have used it fully and actually works great . I made a mcroSD card into a bootable readable usb device and works. If you have had a problem working this application, try messing with it. I have mad this Program Boot lubuntu, ubuntu, linux mint 15 mate. Try reinstaling this program for it to work if all else fails. I will give more of a review as i will be useing this alot. Useing 2006 Lenovo 3000 N100 0768-dku

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Alejandro Martínez, 2014-04-02
Es perfecto desde que lo conozco.

Funciona perfecto. Hay que tener muy en cuenta el mensaje final "...ahora puede instalar este pendrive para instalar ubuntu en OTROS equipos". Rara vez funcionará para formatear el mismo equipo en que se creó.

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asal3911, 2013-11-11
Does what it advertises.

If you look in the screen shot closely you can read it only creates startup disks with ubuntu iso's. Although, it only uses ubuntu it did a great job when I needed to reinstall ubuntu 12.04

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