Ubuntu User Issue 12

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Ubuntu User Issue 12

Running on Juju

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Ubuntu User is a smart, accessible journal of the Ubuntu user environment. Each issue offers a real-world glimpse at how the experts use Ubuntu in the wild. You'll learn about Ubuntu tools for practical tasks such as working in the cloud, managing mobile devices, processing images, and making music. Beginning users can take their first steps with the popular "Discovery Guide" section at the back of each issue. . Issue 12, "Running on Juju," puts the focus on Ubuntu's exciting new cloud services and provides UU's trademark mix of IT and desktop tools. Topics include: .

  • Head-Up Display: Ubuntu's new GUI system puts an end to old-fashioned menus.
  • Juju: The easy way to manage Ubuntu cloud services.
  • Tethering: Away from wifi? Get back online with a tethered mobile device.
  • Fotxx: Process photos fast with this easy image editing and management tool.
  • Unity Tuning: Find out about some tweaks for customizing the Unity desktop environment.
  • Animating images: Discover some cool tools for creating simple GIF animations. . Order the Ubuntu User #12 digital edition and receive a 25% discount on the cover price!

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