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OpenJDK Java 7 Runtime

OpenJDK Java 7 Runtime

Lou Lavin, 2015-05-03

This worked fine until 5/2/2015. Now when you try to use it. the error message says the version is too old.

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Benjamin Scabbia, 2014-06-26
Tedious process made easy!

What more to say, does exactly what it says! Manually installing the jdk is a pain! This works perfectly with Eclipse! (make sure you install this before running eclipse or you will get an error)

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Risi Hill, 2014-05-23
It works!. Thanks a lot.

Works fine for me on 12.04 LTS. It's just what i was looking for.

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elsiralex, 2014-02-15

no haras nada util sin esta app

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Kyle, 2013-11-22
Easy install, works with minecraft

I needed java to run minecraft and this works perfectly with no problems at all.

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Ben Sandeen, 2013-11-17
Exceptionally easy Java install

I just needed this in order to be able to run Java applets in Mozilla. I had spent about 30 minutes in the terminal trying to manually install java, and then I found this and got it working within 1-2 minutes, by clicking "Install".

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Alexander, 2013-11-25
Sehr gut !

Perfekte Alternative zur Laufzeitumgebung von Oracle. Ich bin selbst Java - Entwickler und nutze die OpenJDK lieber als Oracles. Weiter so !

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JDAMSOFT, 2013-08-26
Firefox doesn't responding when Java browse files?

Hélas Firefox se fige quand j'essai d'accéder au gestionnaire de fichiers de mon NAS Synology.

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BECKER Alexandre, 2013-07-26
Tout fonctionne pour moi.

Java étant devenu indispensable, téléchargement de OpenJDK. Aucun souci de mon coté, tout fonctionne parfaitement, y compris sur le Web.

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rsbrux, 2013-08-10
a useless waste of time - I would give 0 stars if I could

A nightmare. javaws was trying to invoke the java 6 jre, which wasn't completely installed. still doesn't work, even after following Nicholas Peters advice to: sudo update-alternatives --config java and swtiching the version from 6 (auto) to 7 (manual). Probably needs 7 (manual), but no such option. I would like to get rid of all of these JREs in order to install Oracle's, but can't seem to manage either of these tasks, at least not from the Ubuntu Software Center.

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