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Cross Platform Password Manager

Marques, 2012-10-01
Замечательная программа

Отличная программа, жду версии с поддержкой БД из KeePass 2.20 (.kbdx) Считаю данную программу образцом среди свободных менеджеров паролей.

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John Sanders, 2012-08-19

Awesome little cross-platform password manager. Works on my macbook, linux laptop, windows desktop, and android phone. Can't get any better than that.

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Tom, 2012-07-28

In many, many ways, it's far superior to Keepass2, which seems to have almost been orphaned at this point (lots of rendering issues still with its crude, and rustic UI). The only negative to KeepassX (which is vastly superior in terms of UI) is that it doesn't (yet) support KeePass Version 2 files, although they report that's in alpha testing as I type this.

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Stefan, 2012-05-07
einfach top

Sehr empfehlenwert. Öffnet auch DB-Dateien von KeePass 1.X

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voxless, 2012-11-14
KeepassX è un programma che consente la memorizzazione delle password

KeepassX è un programma che consente la memorizzazione delle password in modo sicuro e vi permetterà di organizzare in un apposito database tutte le password in vostro possesso.Il programma si basa su un concetto molto semplice: tutte le vostre password verranno immagazzinate all’interno del database di KeePassX, dopodichè il tutto verrà protetto da un’unica password, che impedirà ai curiosi di entrare ed apprendere le vostre chiavi digitali. Tutto questo porta in seno il grande vantaggio di dover tenere a mente un’unica parola d’ordine, la quale fornisce l’accesso a tutte le altre.

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Alishams Hassam, 2012-08-09
My Favourite Passwd Vault

I can't find anything to autofill user/password fields for websites, but it does let you copy to the clipboard. Also wonderful Android client. Just put the password datebase on Owncloud/Dropbox/<file locker> (with a stronge master password ofcourse) and you can access from anywhere. The built in randmon password generator is nice, however I prefer Oplop.

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Hanssen, 2012-08-18
Goede wachtwoordmanager

Het is zeer handig dat hij op meerdere platformen te verkrijgen is en dat je de databank via DropBox kan synchroniseren. Het automatisch invullen is ook een handige functie.

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Emmanuel Boyer, 2012-07-23

Exellent, permet de stocker des mot de passe dans un format disponible sur quasiment toutes le plateforme...

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Timur, 2012-09-01
Пример идеального приложения

Идеальный менеджер паролей. Удобный в использовании и при этом гибкий в настройке.

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Dermit Zamponi, 2013-02-23

I use this all the time and really glad it's around. But it's not as simple as it could be, and security should always be as simple as possible: Entries all have the same fields whether I need them or not. But sometimes I just want to write down a simple note (like bank details) and keep it secure without an associated title, username, URL. Having a choice to set the icons is misleading, since it doesn't change the nature of the group / entry. (What's the difference between a group and a subgroup?) Rather let me create a type of entry, where I set which fields are included and what icon is used. Then when I create a new record I just choose the type.

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