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Launch the account wizard to configure PIM accounts.

Mark, 2013-01-22
Description of Akonaditray

Found this in the Wiki: Akonadi provides unique desktop-wide object identification and retrieval. It functions as an extensible data storage for all PIM applications. In KDE 3 each PIM application had different data storage and handling methods, which led to several implementations of essentially the same features. Besides data storage, Akonadi has several other components including search, and a library (cache) for easy access and notification of data changes.

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Gabor Toth, 2012-09-25
No idea what this is

Do not what it is and can not figure out either from description. Seems KDE program whil I am running Gnome.

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Zobayer Hasan, 2013-11-09
Need a better description

I was also wondering where it came from and what id does. Looks like it is required for some KDE programs and the Sticky Note app I have been using.

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jacob, 2012-11-02
I have no clue just like everyother review

anyone have any idea what this does? if anyone knows please leave a comment on here and rate how good it is for whatever it does.. im going to delete it an see how I do without it

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Nguyen Minh Duy, 2013-02-02

This package is required for some softwares to work e.g Parley.

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Vũ Quang Vĩnh, 2014-01-17
Not bad.

I think it is used for some softwares else, but not certainly !

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uluturk30, 2014-01-08
ist ein sehr nützliches programm zur elemenverbindung.

ist ganz nützlich das programm da es die einzelnen elemente verbindet ,,,

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alfonso, 2015-08-22
utilidad desconocida

No sé su utilidad, no sale nada al clickar sobre ello, y aparece con una señal de "prohibido". Si pido Desinstalar me dice que antes debo desinstalar otras varias cosas que no entiendo su significado en la operativa del sistema. Alguien lo conoce ?

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1sergio, 2012-09-11
Desinstalado no le encontre aplicacion alguna

No hay suficiente info sobre su uso y al intentar abrirlo no pasa nada. Creo que tendrian que ser mas explicitos sobre como funciona. Tal como esta no me sirvio para nada. En realidad 0 cero estrella.

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Rob P, 2012-07-21
Needs better description in the software center

I agree with previous posts that the description in the software center needs to be expanded. I can't tell from the description what this is supposed to do, whether it is something I need, or can safely do without. Screen shots of the software in action are always appreciated.

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