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Activity Journal

Browse a chronological log of your activities and easily find files, contacts, etc.

Rüdiger Kupper, 2012-05-27
Forget about the low ratings below: it works!

This tool does a great job! It received so many low ratings because it was broken in oneiric, but now It's stable and find it extremely useful for reviewing my work flow and finding old documents. I'd really like to see this as a unity lens...

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Carlos Raposo, 2012-05-31
Keep track of your activity!

View all your activity from the past weeks (not only since installation). The only thing I felt it was missing was a "clear all history" button. Other than that works fine.

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Zepics, 2012-07-11
Très bon, à condition d'en avoir l'utilité.

Rien de plus qu'un historique des activités (téléchargements, consulation de documents, création de fichier, ...) sous forme d'un journal. Alors certe si on en a pas besoin ce logiciel ne sert pas à grand chose ... Mais dans le cas contraire, il s'agit d'une petit pépite. En effet j'utilise ubuntu dans le cadre de mes recherches et avoir ce logiciel permet de gagner beaucoup de temps.

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camonxub, 2012-06-01
Fonctionne mais ...

n'est pas franchement utile.

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Dipak Chakraborty, 2013-08-23
Good program

This program is good and has a good Ui.

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Vimal, 2012-12-16

It works. displays your recent activity. you can selectively delete what you want.

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fuhaoyun, 2012-04-03


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