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Michael Patterson, 2013-03-12
Cannot print out an entry

Having removed RedNotebook for being too difficult to set up, I thought I would try this simpler daily diary programme. I am trying to find a programme to use insteead of the day per page diary I have been writing for the last 20 years. When I went to the page preview, all I got was list of dates with 'no entry for this date' annotated for most of the entires over a 2 month period, but with a line of gobbledygook where an entry had been made. Printing out the pages actually only printed out the gobbledygook. I guess it would be Ok to use if I never wanted to print anything out, but I am afraid I will be sending this programme to follow RedNotebook after this review!

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Barbara410, 2012-05-15
Хорошо, но маловато...

Привлекает своей простотой, но её в то же время и отталкивает. Нельзя настроить межстрочные интервалы (было бы в дневниках, кстати, весьма полезно), нет центровки и выровнять по правому/левому краю. Радует навигация по записям с помощью календаря.

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