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David Kirba, 2012-06-04
Nice little program that does what it is meant to do well

I love this little app and have been using it for over a year now. You can set alarms or counters. I use the counters a lot because it helps me focus on my writing when I have a counter counting down on the desktop :) It does what it is meant to do well. In response to the reviewers that seem to have an issue with the alarm sound. It works fine for me even without setting a custom sound file.

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mohican, 2012-04-29
ne s'intègre pas avec Unity / Gnome 3

Dans les versions d'Ubuntu 11.10 et supérieures (unity, gnome 3), alarm-clock ne s'intègre pas dans la zone de notification, ce qui rend son usage très peu pratique. Utilisez plutôt alarm-clock-applet qui s'intègre comme il faut.

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Andrew A. Whidden, 2012-05-23
Great app, non-issue issue

Awesome app, been using it for years. To the person who complained that it did not ring - this problem is new to Ubuntu 12.04 and is easily fixed. The program uses sounds from defualt Ubuntu sound themes. These are not present in Ubuntu 12.04, so it doesn't have anything to play. Simply set the sound file you want it to use in the notifications tab when you're setting an alarm and it should work fine.

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Iwasa, 2012-10-13
Excelente programa, recomendo a todos!

Um programa completo para alarmes, gostei muito e recomendo a todos e ainda mais por ser free, parabéns aos desenvolvedores, muito obrigado à comunidade openware.

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Lubo, 2012-08-13
Works fine, not very polished.

Not the most polished tool, but works ok. On 12.04 the text fields that are supposed to be for entering notification messages are not visible, even though you can tab to them and enter text - you just can't see what you are typing. The sounds works fine. The popup option is a bit of a mystery to me, as the parameters don't seem to control anything - I would expect a timeout option for how long to keep the popup visible; also, once the popup is gone, there is no otehr indication that an alarm went off, so if you happen to be AFK, you would miss it.

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Rafael Belenos, 2012-08-18
O melhor

Melhor aplicativo para contagem de tempo da atualidade. Eu usava bastante o Focus Booster, até o Adobe AIR perder o suporte ao Linux, mas esse supre bem minhas necessidades. Poderia ser mais discreto e ter uma interface mais modena, mas supera essa deficiência por ser bastante eficiente.

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Vadim Peretokin, 2012-10-15
Worked OK, needs updating to new tech

Does not always show up in the indicators area and starting the app when it's already running opens a new instance, thus you end up with a ghost alarm-clock buzzing away and the only way to stop it is to kill it. It would see the application does need updating for Ubuntu 12.04.

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Thomas Howe, 2012-05-09
Can't test it

(Ubuntu 12.04 with Mate) Installed it, the software centre claims it's in Accessories, but it isn't :(

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Joe Husafet, 2013-09-26
Wouldn't recommend for installation.

Not veery intuitive to use. I mean it should be fairly simple it's an alarm clock and it made me look for a manual.

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José Grimaldo da Silva Filho, 2012-06-16
Best but not perfect

It's (in my opinion) the best alarm software for ubuntu available through software center. However, the UI is quirky: - Today at 11:20 I try to set the alarm to 06:00 it fails silently. It expects me to select "tomorrow", uh?

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