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Alarm Clock

Wake up in the morning

DaDeceptiveOne, 2012-05-21
Quite good.

Works great (if you're using own .mp3 sounds). I'm using Xubuntu 12.04 LTS and the built-in sounds didn't repeat. Using own sound-files does work, though. So it's a good application and the tray-icon even shows you how much time until you have to get up :)

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Hronos, 2012-05-07
Отличнейшая программа.

Отличнейшая программа. Есть возможность настраивать несколько будильников. Ставить свою музыку как сигнал. В общем есть все необходимое! :)

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Dan, 2012-09-21
A must-have for any system

This application is beautifully simple, yet also feature-rich enough to handle daily use without being too obtrusive. My personal suggestion is that this goes wonderfully with espeak. Set it to use a console command as the alarm, and give it something like espeak "The pie needs to come out of the oven." --strout|paplay

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Teemu Leisti, 2012-07-12
nice, but would be even better with a couple of additions

I've used this app for a couple of days, and quite like it, but it could use a couple of additions: (a) A default alarm sound file. As it is, you have to locate a sound file after installation to get a sound when the alarm goes off. (b) The indicator display shows only the countdown to an active alarm. It would be more useful to show both the time of the alarm and the countdown for an active alarm. This would also make it immediately apparent when you haven't yet enabled the alarm, a mistake I made the first time I used the app.

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Sascha Jazbec, 2012-09-05
gut !

funktioniert und ist nützlich, Tägliche Widerholungen, was will man mehr - lassen sich eigene Sounds einstellen und Stoppuhr ist auch dabei ( precise 12.04 ).

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Papensatt, 2013-02-01
Einfach und Super zu bedienen

Funktioniert ohne Probleme unter 12.04.

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Andre Quinnett, 2012-06-14
Just what I needed!

Just what I need for setting a timer for the laundry or kitchen!

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Inderjeet SIngh, 2012-09-07
Great Application

very nice app. Very userfriendly and functional. Just use your personal MP3 insted of the sounds that come built in with this application, they are not the best. It would be even better if there was a way to play online radio in this app but still this is a very good app.

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Core, 2012-06-06

Small but useful. Very good one.

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Bryan Lee, 2012-10-11
Not for I

Its alright if you want a basic clock & and egg timer. The timer needs much more freedom than the 99 hr window it has got. Uninstalling.

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