Web-based, agile ERP for small to mid-sized business

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Web-based, agile ERP for small to mid-sized business



Openbravo 3, the Agile ERP, is "Everyone's ERP"--a comprehensive, ready to use, 100% web-based open source business management system that automates all of the core business processes for small and mid-sized companies, ranging from accounting and financial management, to sales, purchasing, inventory management and more.

Modular and role-based, Openbravo 3 sets the standard for fast and easy deployment of a fully-functional, adaptable ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution based on mainstream open source technology. With full support for multiple organizations, warehouses, languages, accounting schemas, and currencies--and modular support for multiple localizations in the same instance--Openbravo 3 is the easy-to-implement ERP that you will never outgrow and that you can truly make your own.

Featuring a state of the art, standards-based "Rich Internet Application" (RIA) design, Openbravo 3 leverages the robust SmartClient Javascript framework to deliver a superior user experience across all modern browsers, without the IT burden of client-side software installation. Easy access to information from anywhere is provided through the portal-style workspace (which is fully extensible through widgets), multi-tab UI, and the intuitive spreadsheet-style grid implementation. Secure perma-links to tabs and individual documents allow for natural information sharing via instant message, email, and other common collaboration systems.

Written in Java on the back end and offering a choice between the PostgreSQL and Oracle databases, Openbravo 3 is based on a model-driven ERP platform, which allows for easy extension of the model, and dynamic configuration of the entire system. The comprehensive, dynamically generated collection of web services enables fast and easy integration with other applications--making Openbravo 3 an excellent choice for large companies looking for an agile, cost-effective, web-based ERP solution to roll out across their operations, to complement their legacy corporate ERP ("two tier" ERP strategy).

The defacto global open source ERP platform, Openbravo 3 also provides a great choice for ISVs seeking to easily port their legacy applications to a highly productive and scalable application/technology stack that delivers a best in class user experience and enables SaaS, Cloud, and on-premise deployment. The modular architecture makes it very easy to layer vertical functionality on top of the standard core ERP functionality, enabling ISVs to focus on their unique value add, leaving the “80% common” business functionality to the platform.

Openbravo 3, licensed under the OBPL (a variant of the commercial-friendly MPL 1.1 license), is the foundation of the global Openbravo ecosystem, which is working together to change the way ERP solutions are developed, marketed, implemented, and supported. This ecosystem puts an agile, best-fit ERP implementation within reach of small and mid-sized organizations everywhere through the growing repository of native extensions that are easily installed directly through the browser. To explore the dynamic Openbravo ecosystem, please visit Openbravo Forge and Openbravo Wiki.

Openbravo 3 Community Edition for Ubuntu is a free and fully functional 100% open source ERP package, ready for production usage. Installing this native Ubuntu package automatically installs and configures all dependent packages (PostgreSQL database, Tomcat application server, etc.), saving you time and assuring an optimized deployment. Organizations wishing to maximize the benefits of their Openbravo 3 implementation can easily acquire and activate an Openbravo 3 Professional Edition subscription to enjoy SLA-based support, premium functionality, access to a broader portfolio of extensions (including commercial modules and vertical solutions), and access to professional services delivered by Openbravo-certified business partners.

Get started now, and become part of Openbravo's global vision of "Opening ERP's Future"!

License: Open Source
Version: 3.0.r13141.MP-1