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Python IDE for scientists

Ghislain Vaillant, 2011-12-10
A decent free alternative to Matlab, very good python IDE overall

This IDE, combined with numpy, scipy, matplotlib and IPython stands as a perfect replacement for Matlab. Spyder has become my favourite tool for scientific python development.

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Chris Jones, 2012-01-25
Excellent scientific programming environment

Excellent IDE for using numpy, scipy and matplotlib. A good alternative to matlab for implementing scientific calculations. Makes Python easy to learn for engineering/science student. Only downside is no icon implemented in Unity.

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Luis Miguel Sanchez Brea, 2012-01-25
Muy bueno.

Muy interesante si se quiere migrar de Matlab a Python. Es el IDE que más se parece.

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Thuky Dides, 2011-10-30
The best IDE for Python!

For me it is the BEST IDE for Python. As a scientiest I special like the integration of numpy and matplotlib and the possibilities for interaction. What I'm missing (maybe I havn't found it?) is an object-inspecter / explorer like I know it from Smalltalk.

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ZHAO Wansheng, 2011-11-12
Great tool for python programming IDE

It is a powerful and neat IDE for python, well intergrated with numpy, scipy, matplotlib, PyQt.

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Andre Lopes F., 2012-04-21

who needs matlab?? Amazing features to assist ipython!

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