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OpenJDK Java 7 Runtime

OpenJDK Java 7 Runtime

geo, 2013-03-25
application fiable

application facile à utiliser et à télécharger

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robertogrossi, 2012-02-17
Permite o acesso ao Banco do Brasil home banking

Já havia enfrentado problemas com o Banco do Brasil home banking, em outras versões do Ubuntu, na 11.10 estava impossível em um netbook que também uso. Instalei o OpenJDK Java 7 e, sem desinstalar o 6, acesso o home banking do BB sem problemas agora! Foi só instalá-lo e pronto.

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xfile, 2012-02-06
Può sempre servire

programma essenziale per far partire dal terminale l'installazione di programmi in java, :D

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Muito bom. Era o q eu precisava para poder acessar o bankline do Itau!!!! Podem baixar q resolve.

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Jussi, 2011-12-18
Some defects.

Still not working with Sampo bank, etc.

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emchong, 2012-01-17
Runs Well

runs well, especially on and related video downloading website

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Eric Bryner, 2011-11-24
Check your version

I was trying to fix sound that was not working on So I tried installing the java 6 update 23, and sound worked perfectly. I then came back to software center and installed this, and it updated to java 6 update 29. It did not work with this. So it did not install icedtea with it. So I installed icedtea, and it reverted back to version 6 update 23. So this newer version does not work for game sites sound. The older version does. I also used google chrome and it was version 6 update 26, but chrome had issues. So now I am staying with firefox. So beware of installing newest java update if you are playing java web games.

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Marloes, 2012-01-05

Ik probeer Java te downloaden zodat ik normaal goSupermodel kan spelen, maar hiermee lukt het ook niet! :( Ik kan er dus niet zo veel over zeggen.

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killerkillroy, 2011-12-03

do u have to remove the old java

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Gary D, 2012-01-07
This enabled Excel macros in Libre Office for me.

I've only been using Linux for 1 month - total newbie. I opened an excel .xls file in Libre office calc, and tried to run a macro. Only got a warning saying I need to install a JRE, with no explanation on how to get it. Stumbling around later, I came across this, and installed. Now, the macro works like it did in excel, but much slower. At least no error messages.

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