Clipardo (DEMO)

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Clipardo (DEMO)

Search clipart images by a hand-drawn sketch (free DEMO version)


This program enables you to find clipart pictures by a hand-drawn sketch. It can be of service when looking for clipart for your presentations, mind maps, posters, charts, web-design, even programs. A rough sketch is all Clipardo needs to start searching. So don't be shy, just draw the way you can do it. Picture variants would be suggested as you draw and you would scarcely have to do a detailed sketch. When you've done searching you may copy the found picture to buffer and then paste it anywere: into document, presentation, drawing program (both vector and raster like, e.g. Inkscape or GIMP). All pictures you find with Clipardo are in Public Domain. You may use them for any purposes, including commercial ones.

This is a free DEMO version of the application. You are still able to search for the same images as in the full version of the program but in DEMO mode only a small preview of an image is copied (in full application version, a full-size raster image is copied along with a vector-graphics image). With this DEMO you can test how well the searching works. But if you need images of high quality to be inserted into your documents or other places, consider obtaining the full version.

License: Proprietary