application for data visualization based on MathGL

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application for data visualization based on MathGL



UDAV provides a graphical environment for Data Array Visualization based on the MathGL library. It allows easy viewing, manipulation and plotting of datasets, and supports a wide range of graphical effects with a simple scripting language, MGL. It can also execute MGL scripts. Features include:

  • Simple and fast plotting of data and formulas;
  • One-click interface - just open the datafile in UDAV;
  • Scripts and graphical output both shown at the same time;
  • Rotate, pan, and zoom controls (via buttons or mouse);
  • Toggleable lighting and transparency;
  • GIF animation;
  • Support for smoothed lighting, transparency, arbitrary curvilinear coordinates, and TeX symbols and formulas;
  • Tables for data editing, with support for 3-dimensional arrays;
  • Basic toolset for data handling (smoothing, resizing, cropping, filling by formula, summation, differentiation, histogram creation, and so on);
  • Export to bitmap and vector formats (PNG, JPEG, EPS, or SVG).

License: Open Source
Version: 0.6.3