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A partition management utility


, 2011-07-25
Had to load with the command "gksu partitionmanager-bin"

Had to load with the command "gksu partitionmanager-bin" in terminal, but then worked as claimed.

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jd4x4, 2012-07-04
Allows backup, Mac partitions

Excellent. Has two important features that GParted doesn't .. can backup and restore, and works on Mac partitions.

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Bryan, 2011-06-14
Wish it worked...

Can't get it to work. It's asking for root access and fails with a glib error after you do. Maybe because Ubuntu is GNOME?

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andysutils, 2011-07-06
waste of time

Asks for the root password instead of the admin password, whats the point in that when you cannot login as root by default.

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Ole bjørn dahl, 2011-06-13
sounds good i guess

it ask for password. whats the pass ???

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jonathan, 2011-06-30

pos eso guAY

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