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2D animation toolkit


Aarón Ochoa, 2011-05-14
Haga animaciones, descubra lo inimaginable.

Utilice su imaginación. Aprendiendo a usar esta aplicación usted creará animaciones 2D que nunca habría imaginado antes. Se puede empezar y dibujar las escenas de manera muy fácil. Y con experiencia al animar detalladamente, usted nunca se arrepentirá de que lo haya descargado.

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Daron Lime, 2011-06-12
Works great, just needs a bit more help and tool tips.

Does exactly what its supposed to and seems to have more features than pencil. If your getting a black screen to start its because you need to create a new project. Could have a little more help but other than that its a good animation software.

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LektorVis, 2011-10-10
Promising alternative the Adobe Flash Editor

Very nice GUI, seems to become a good alternative to Adobes Flash editor. Unfortunately the program aint full functionaly on my 11.04.

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Abdul-Rahman Sawalma, 2011-06-16
how to function under ubuntu 11 & my openion

for ubuntu 11 useres, just open a new project it'll get the wanted windows ... for me I find it hard to learn, besides, selecting the help system isn't helpful (| just see the title and no text under it)

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Felipe Micaroni Lalli, 2011-06-04
it does not work well

Don't work in here. Ubuntu 11. Only a black screen, and no text in help section, no tooltip etc.

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narcisgarcia, 2012-02-14
A primer cop d'ull, falta documentació i ajuda clara

L'aplicació sembla usable, però no veig informació sobre la llicència, un enllaç al web oficial, hi ha una interfície d'ajuda però no apareix índex ni informació contextual. Difícil de valorar si no se sap com començar a pintar.

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